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Why Choose Prolec GE?

Crescent Power Systems has partnered with Prolec to offer their complete product line for industrial, renewable and utility applications. Working closely with Prolec’s factory in Monterrey, we manage the entire process from start to finish, communicating manufacturing schedules, coordinating delivery and following the order’s progress from the time it’s placed until it arrives at site.  […]

Predictive analytics utilize data to combat complex pressures on the power industry

San Ramon, California, June 11, 2019  GE today announced the availability of three new grid analytics that combine domain expertise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to tackle pressing challenges in electric grid operations. The analytics use data from across transmission and distribution networks to help achieve goals for operational efficiency. The portfolio […]

Celebrating 25 Years Crescent Power Style

Earlier this month, our employees and their friends and families gathered for our annual CPS Fest! Hosted on the second Sunday of New Orleans’ annual Jazz Fest, this event brings our team and their loved ones together to enjoy food, music, games and each others’ company. It’s one of our favorite days of the year!  […]

Advanced switchgear technology provides high reliability

GE adds to their comprehensive portfolio the latest dead tank circuit breaker with SF6 interrupting technology for electrical grids up to 245 kV and 63 kA without TRV capacitors for short line faults. This robust model ‘DT1-245P 63′ is built with advanced switchgear technology based on GE’s field-proven spring-spring-operated mechanism, and interrupters with double-motion technology for […]

Crescent Power Named 2018 Top Prolec GE Sales Agency

Last month, our President and CEO, Matt Colosino, and our Channel Partner Program Director, Connor Curtis, traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to attend GE’s 2019 Grid Solutions and Prolec Channel Meeting.  The meeting brought together GE team members and channel partners from across the country to network with each other and to learn more about the […]

How is your Prolec GE transformer tested?

Prolec GE implements strict design and manufacturing standards for our products to be highly reliable and have a life span of more than 20 years. Additionally, each of our distribution transformers undergo a series of tests that must have a satisfactory result before they can leave our facilities, complying with all the applicable standards. After […]

An Exciting First Quarter at CPS

The first quarter of 2019 was a busy and exciting one for our Crescent Power employees and their families as we celebrated new babies, engagements, marriages, birthdays and everything in between! We kicked off the year by bringing our entire team together for a two-day annual meeting where we heard from each of our internal […]

CPS Partners with Fibrebond to Offer Quality Solutions

Over our 25 years in business, Crescent Power has grown and expanded our offerings to meet our customers’ needs for fully integrated solutions. For these types of projects, we often utilize the relationships we’ve formed with suppliers and work together to provide cost-effective engineered solutions. Watch this video from Fibrebond to learn more about how […]

VG-100: Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid

As part of our expansion in ecofriendly product portfolio, in Prolec GE we have developed VG-100, a natural ester fluid made from soy seeds’ natural esters that can be safely used in electric transformers. This patented dielectric fluid is 100% biodegradable, completely natural and non-toxic, free from any additives or toxic compounds. VG-100 does not pollute water […]

GE’s New Clearwater Factory

GE’s new 190,000 square foot Center of Excellence, an expansion of its 40-year old instrument transformer facility in Clearwater, will produce instrument transformers and capacitors for the global market. The factory opening will create 275 new jobs in the Tampa Bay region, training its employees to operate the latest technologies and digital platforms.  “We are […]