October 03 2019 0Comment

Working to Ensure State Certification Requirements Are Met

Crescent Power has a team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals who works to ensure our customers’ specifications, budget constraints, logistics challenges, schedules or any other projects needs are met. State certification is one of the most common needs that CPS works with our partners and suppliers to address for our customers. We work closely with our building manufacturers to understand and address the necessary requirements for each specific project to receive the necessary state certifications.

More than 30 states require that protective housings be certified to withstand harsh elements, with each of those states having their own regulations for successful certification. Some states have annual fees, others require special training. Some states require an in-person inspection, others require a special agent to confirm that a building has in fact earned its certification.

Crescent Power’s quotations team reviews each prospective project in detail and ensures these certifications are included in their initial proposals. Our project management team then confirms that the certification is carried through and properly reflected on the buildings.

At Crescent Power, we know the important role we play in our customers’ success. Ensuring that this critical need is met without placing any burdens on our customers is just one of the many ways our team continues to add value and build lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers alike.