For 30 years our company has been on the cutting edge of electrical power solutions that support the needs of a growing economy, infrastructure and climate. As leaders in the electrical field of power distribution systems, our customers rely on us to provide essential support for their projects from inception through final execution, including essential high voltage tie-ins to the power grid and all electrical needs that develop from there.

Industries we provide equipment and services for

Data Centers

Pre-fabricated modular data centers are custom engineered for our clients’ IT capacity and site requirements. They can be deployed quickly and cost-efficiently, complete with the integration of all major electrical components in a factory-controlled setting. This solution dramatically reduces cost and controls quality in comparison to on-site construction. Our expertise in this delivery mechanism ensures that these high quality centers are fully functional faster and at reduced costs.

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture technology accelerates the process of trapping carbon dioxide-producing fossil fuels or other chemical/biological processes and storing it in a way the mitigates the effects of climate change. In close collaboration with our clients in a wide variety of industries, we are leading the piloting and application of innovative carbon capture technologies to reduce costs and develop new methods of capture, use and sequestration.


Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer significant potential to enable a vital transition to clean, low-carbon energy systems. We are proud to work with our clients to utilize this versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier, hydrogen can be used as fuel for power or in industry as feedstock. It can be produced from (renewable) electricity and from carbon-abated fossil fuels. It produces zero emissions at point of use.

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

Infrastructure intelligence exists to provide analysis, comment, and insight that our pre-eminent clients need to compete in the exciting and expanding work of AI planning, design, delivery, management and maintenance. We work closely with them to develop and deploy industry-leading, reliable, and scalable data solutions. These solutions have the potential to bring about countless positive changes in our world, including enhanced productivity, improved healthcare, and increased access to education, solving complex problems and making our daily lives easier and more convenient.

Battery Energy Storage

These systems play a pivotal role in the integration of renewable energy sources. Storing excess energy during peak production periods ensures a consistent power supply during periods of low renewable generation, enhancing grid resilience and promoting renewable energy penetration. Our collaborative work in this field contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by enabling the reliable use of clean energy sources, ensuring a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

Utility Grid Infrastructure

Grid infrastructure, consisting of power stations, transmission lines, and distribution lines, is spread out across the continent, delivering electrical power to industries, businesses, and homes. The power grid has three functions: generation, transmission and distribution and within each step, complex processes are at work. Our experienced team works closely with world-class equipment suppliers to solve our clients’ most demanding and mission-critical infrastructure challenges.

Lithium Refining

Lithium is the driving force behind electric vehicles as well as consumer electronics. Sustainable lithium production and extraction promises increasing lithium supply while reducing the industry’s environmental, social and governance impact and lowering costs. Our clients at work in this vital energy transition sector trust our team with their complex projects aimed at addressing what will surely be soaring demand in the coming decades.

Renewable Fuels

These fuels are produced from renewable resources, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional, non-renewable resources. Hydrotreatment, gasification, and transesterification are different methods used to produce renewable fuels – which is valuable from an economic and environmental standpoint. Our significant work in this field with pre-eminent clients promises vital impacts across the transportation sector and beyond.

Clean Fuels

Clean fuels and technologies are those that attain the fine particulate matter and carbon monoxide levels recommended by the World Health Organization. Our work with clients who are sustainability leaders, fulfill industry-leading and innovative decarbonization solutions that will reduce the carbon intensity in our environment. Our knowledge of best practices in this transformative industry is vital to the success of our clients’ projects aimed at reducing harmful pollutants and greenhouse emissions.

Microgrid Infrastructure

This group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources act as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid. It can connect and disconnect from the grid and also act in “island’ mode. Our experience with clients who require their own reliable power source has proven invaluable in crafting power solutions that offer essential resilience to grid disturbances. Advanced microgrids enable local power generation assets, including traditional generators, renewables, and storage, to keep the local grid running even when the larger grid experiences interruptions or, for remote areas, where there is no connection to the larger grid.

Oil & Gas Refining

Exploration, production and refining. Petroleum refineries convert crude oil and other liquids into many petroleum products that people use every day including fuels, lubricants, and kerosene. Our customers rely on us to support all aspects of their refining operations with fit-for-purpose electrical distribution equipment packages that deliver on their promise of safety, efficiency, lower emissions, advanced technology and sustainability.


The petrochemical industry provides chemicals vital to a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, including ethanol, gasses, plastics, detergents, paints, coatings, adhesives, agricultural chemicals and fertilizer. In our experience, we have worked with industry leaders in this field since the company’s inception.

Steel Production

Steel production is highly reliant on coal, which is primarily used as a reducing agent to extract iron from iron ore and to provide the carbon content needed. Steel is widely used in construction works, transportation, packaging and in the energy sector.

We have years of experience in the steel industry in our area. We supply high performance power quality solutions to address the harmonic distortion associated with the steel making process. We also supply a wide variety of electrical equipment offerings including power transformers, rectifier transformers, switchgear, motor control, variable frequency drives and motors.


Terminals are points of transfer for cargo loading and unloading as it is transferred from ships to rail and trucks. Loading and unloading of ships using a system of conveyors requires a variety of electrical power distribution systems to transport product to end users and to other storage facilities. Our company has a long history of supporting marine, coal, and oil and gas terminals in North America.


Products produced through mining provide the foundation for nearly all manufacturing. Of the nearly 13,000 active mines in the US valued at $61B, commodities produced include metals (iron, copper, steel, uranium), precious metals, and minerals (sulfur, crushed stone, cement, gravels, industrial sand).

We have been active in the mining industry for projects here in the US and overseas. Locally, our customers mine salt from dome caverns and surface mine lignite. Out west we have supported projects for uranium mining and other minerals. In Jamaica, we support activity for bauxite production, a base mineral used in the production of aluminum. In Indonesia, we support gold and copper mining and production operations.

Our work in this industry includes electrical equipment for the generation and distribution of power for the industrial operations of these facilities. Our solutions also include electrical equipment for material handling and chemical processing and operation control.