For 30 years, our customers have relied on use to provide totally integrated electrical solutions to meet their specifications, budget, and schedule. Our work is focused on critical infrastructure projects including power generation, transmission, and distribution across multiple industries.

The team at Crescent Power Systems collaborates with our clients and consultants to select the best “Fit for Purpose” optimized solutions using world class, state of the art suppliers to provide electrical equipment and service solutions for the most demanding and complex applications. Their highly experienced team develops a unique partnership that generates a significant amount of customer loyalty and trust to secure a healthy amount of repeat business from both customers, consultants and suppliers.

In addition to large capital project fulfillment, our teams support inspection services, expediting, and logistics coordination for your quick-ship demands. We also provide a full range of start-up and commissioning services. Our job is not complete until our clients are up and running.


Rating: Up to 500 KV

State of the art substations, switchyards, and custom transmission projects, including engineering, design and project management. These packages include power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, instrument transformers, power quality components, relay houses, and structural steel.

Buildings and Enclosures

Rating: Industrial Grade

It doesn’t matter if you want to move it, stack it, expand it or drag it around – we can give you a prefabricated electrical building that will do exactly what you need.


Rating: LV/MV/HV

CPS has offerings for high-voltage switchgear, metal-clad switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear, arc switchgear and arc mitigating switchgear, and low-voltage switchgear. We can offer air-insulated switchgear as well as gas-insulated switchgear.

Motor Control

Rating: LV/MV

Walkin/Non-walkin Outdoor Climatized Enclosures, FVNR and RVSS Starters, etc.

Variable Frequency Drives and Motors

Rating: Up to 100,000HP

With ratings up to 100,000HP starting systems, CPS can provide high performance, state of the art innovative technology, built to the highest quality standards with industrial grade reliability.

Power Transformers

Rating: up to 500MVA

Delivering energy safely to the client – designed to specific voltage, power, climate and other site-specific needs. CPS can provide a wide variety for generation, substation distribution, and industrial applications.

Power Quality Systems

Rating: up to 500KV

These solutions include STATCOM, SVC, harmonic filters, cap banks, and switching equipment

Systems Equipment

UPS systems, stand-by power, battery systems, PLCs and grounding systems.

Systems Services

Our systems services include power system analysis, large motor starting analysis, protective relay settings, arc glass analysis, HVAC system analysis, site services, code compliance, equipment testing, inspection and expediting, logistics support, application & equipment, rating analysis, harmonic analysis, and loading and load shedding analysis.