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Fibrebond, one of our building fabricators, has released a video detailing their new division created to meet the unique needs of the power industry. We are proud to say that many of the buildings featured in this video were built for Crescent Power Systems integrated projects. 


The existing T300MVi adjustable speed drive offered by Toshiba is in the process of being upgraded to the more refined T300MV2 version. The T300MV2 adjustable speed drive will feature the same power components and footprint, but will have enhanced controls and new capabilities.

The upgraded control section will feature an expanded I/O, 9-series keypad to be in sync with the current LV drive design, faster and more powerful processor and additional communication protocols. The new capabilities will include redundant cooling fans with no PLC required, PID control, simple programmable logic with 4-6 stages, regen drive only requires one set of control boards and no TEX board required for twin module drives.

The new version of the adjustable speed drive will continue to have three cables in and three cables out, an integral switch, 24pulse cu. isolation transformer, will continue to be air cooled and will have the same draw out modules.

Grid Solutions: DT1-145 63

The DT1-145 63 is rated for 63 kA and represents the latest in dead tank circuit breaker technology. This circuit breaker is specifically designed and tested for either general or definite purpose applications and can be operated under severe environmental conditions including low temperature, highly active seismic areas and regions with high pollution levels or corrosive atmospheres.

The factory's spring-operated mechanism and extensive mechanical design testing along with the M2 certification will ensure trouble-free operation for the lifetime of the circuit breaker. The factory's gas tightness guarantee and quality control standards ensure that each circuit breaker that leaves the facility has been tested in accordance with industry standards and has quantifiable test results in its fully assembled, as shipped condition.

With no special tools required for installation, minimal foundation costs due to the small symmetrical footprint of the circuit breaker, and virtually maintenance free mechanism and components, this circuit breaker has been recognized worldwide as easy to install and operate.

DISTRAN: Jumpstart Portable Power

Skid-mounted assemblies ease transport and installation in circumstances where traditional substations are prohibitively difficult to construct: rough terrain, remote locations, limited access. In some cases, they can help create modular installations that can be easily moved and updated. Altogether, a skillfully implemented skid-mounted substation generates power benefits for the right projects:
- Reduce on-site construction infrastructure
- Lower construction costs, eliminate on-site assembly and shorten installation times

DIS-TRAN's integrated fabrication capabilities mean that they can design, fabricate and build the skid-mounted structures to meet any specific performance or environmental requirements, including temperature extremes.

Pre-Fabricated Bus

Packaged Substations

TOSHIBA: MTX NEMA 3R MV Outdoor Drive - Small Footprint / Large Savings

The Toshiba MTX® NEMA 3R outdoor medium voltage adjustable speed drive is one of the most innovative adjustable speed drive offerings to date. Featuring an advanced enclosure design and power section topology, the MTX is the world's first and only drive specifically designed for outdoor mounting in remote applications or applications where a building does not exist. From the jungle to the desert, the MTX can be mounted virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to find suitable indoor floor space.



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