Crescent Power Systems was awarded 17 electrical packages for one of the largest pipeline projects in the United States. These packages included medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage motor control, dual VFDs in a sync transfer mode – all housed in a prefabricated enclosure from our partners at Fibrebond.

Located in Minden, Louisiana, Fibrebond employs more than 700 people and has been our partner on many projects over the years, specializing in working with our team to build the right solutions for our customers.

For this project, we had to prove the functionality of the switchgear, sync transfer motor control, dual VFDs and our customer supplied PLC logic. All gear is designed to work in harmony so that either VFD can run either motor and that both VFDs can provide proper closed transition sync transfer back to the utility source. Knowing these requirements, our team mapped out a gameplan to test this system and prove that it would work properly.

The proper relay settings were developed and loaded and the equipment was all interconnected. Then, we checked our wiring, connections and functionality.

Generators provided the necessary 4160V power to the switchgear. The next step was to power up the MV motor control using the PLC’s control logic. Once the sync check relay confirms the VFD and motor are in sync with the utility, the PLC directs the motor control to close the run contactor and open the start contactor.

All combinations of VFDs and motors checked out and this technically challenging milestone was a huge success for Crescent Power!


Location: Texas & Colorado
Completed: 2019