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How is your Prolec GE transformer tested?

Prolec GE implements strict design and manufacturing standards for our products to be highly reliable and have a life span of more than 20 years. Additionally, each of our distribution transformers undergo a series of tests that must have a satisfactory result before they can leave our facilities, complying with all the applicable standards. After […]

An Exciting First Quarter at CPS

The first quarter of 2019 was a busy and exciting one for our Crescent Power employees and their families as we celebrated new babies, engagements, marriages, birthdays and everything in between! We kicked off the year by bringing our entire team together for a two-day annual meeting where we heard from each of our internal […]

CPS Partners with Fibrebond to Offer Quality Solutions

Over our 25 years in business, Crescent Power has grown and expanded our offerings to meet our customers’ needs for fully integrated solutions. For these types of projects, we often utilize the relationships we’ve formed with suppliers and work together to provide cost-effective engineered solutions. Watch this video from Fibrebond to learn more about how […]

VG-100: Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid

As part of our expansion in ecofriendly product portfolio, in Prolec GE we have developed VG-100, a natural ester fluid made from soy seeds’ natural esters that can be safely used in electric transformers. This patented dielectric fluid is 100% biodegradable, completely natural and non-toxic, free from any additives or toxic compounds. VG-100 does not pollute water […]

GE’s New Clearwater Factory

GE’s new 190,000 square foot Center of Excellence, an expansion of its 40-year old instrument transformer facility in Clearwater, will produce instrument transformers and capacitors for the global market. The factory opening will create 275 new jobs in the Tampa Bay region, training its employees to operate the latest technologies and digital platforms.  “We are […]

The New Office Receives its Final Touches

Nearing the end of our first month in the new office, with that new-office-smell still in the air, we at Crescent Power have begun to sink our roots into our new home. Fresh landscaping brings further glory to this renovated 100 year old property, true to its Craftsman-style roots that this Mid city neighborhood is […]

Celebrating Our New Office: CPS Fest

On April 24th, Crescent Power Systems celebrated the upcoming move to our new location on Canal Street. Featuring the live music of Flow Tribe and the culinary expertise of Taceaux Loceaux and Miss Shirley’s, the new office was christened with dancing, laughter, and merriment. Friends and family alike took a load off while young’uns (and […]