For this project, our customer secured a large reservoir that had previously undergone initial crude drilling.

This facility was designed to compress and inject CO2 into the wells to extract additional product. The process is primarily driven by large HP compressors controlled by Variable Frequency Drives.

In the initial stages of the project, we supplied the Variable Frequency Drive line-up for a pilot plant. The pilot was successful and we moved to several production phases. Each phase required additional MV VFDs for the CO2 compressors along with supporting electrical equipment and E-houses.

One of the final phase required a single stage processing facility. At this point the power demand was moderate and serviced by multiple 12.47kV utility feeds. With the second phase of the processing the power demand expanded and Legado opted for a 138kV/25MVA substation.

We were awarded an EPC contract for the substation and the current plan is to be energized Q4 2013. This was a success story of our multi-facet involvement and expertise from preliminary stages of a project dealing with 480V & 4160V equipment for a pilot plant, all the way to the finalize phase building a 138kV high voltage EPC substation.


Client: Crude Extraction Station
Location: Midland, TX
Completed: 2016