September 23 2022 0Comment

CPS Announces New Vice President of Operations, Ben Bayer

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Ben Bayer to Vice President of Operations. Ben has been with CRESCENT Power Systems since 2018, starting as a Project Manager and quickly moving into management positions. Ahead, read about Ben’s journey at CPS and what the future holds. 

What was the highlight of your career as a Project Manager with CPS? 

Over the last four years, I’ve had the opportunity to build and cultivate a high-performing team that does amazing work and is always willing to take on new challenges. I’ve also had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in shops and at job sites, which has helped me better understand the capabilities of our team and the needs of our clients. 

What are you excited about in your new role? How will it make a difference for CPS clients?

I’m looking forward to being in a position where I can improve our first-rate quotation process by implementing real-time lessons learned from projects currently in the execution phase. I am confident that my new position will help CPS improve the overall client experience. Having been heavily involved in so many projects over the last four and a half years, I am well positioned to improve our internal processes.

What do you find fulfilling about this work? 

I enjoy working with clients to solve problems. At CPS we work with a diverse client base across a variety of industries, and I like to learn our clients’ pain points and help implement innovative solutions. And it’s enjoyable for us all to celebrate successful projects after a job well done.

Do you have any predictions on trends we might see in our industries in the future? 

I expect that industrial customers will open their approved manufacturers lists (AML) due to the current supply chain challenges. This will enable CRESCENT Power Systems to leverage our knowledge of the industry to bring forward solutions incorporating the newest technologies and best performing gear manufacturers.

Congrats to Ben on his promotion!