March 18 2020 0Comment

Crescent Power Systems COVID-19 Update

Crescent Power Systems has been and will continue to be vigilantly monitoring the current situation regarding COVID-19. We understand the concern that many are currently experiencing and are committed to the health and well-being of our employees, clients, suppliers, and partners.

In the face of this unprecedented and wide-reaching event, it is of the utmost importance to our Crescent Power team that we continue to provide a high-quality service. As such, we are committed to maintaining normal business operations, proving uninterrupted communication, and limiting the impact of this event on you, our valued partners.

The health, safety, and well-being of our employees and their families is of paramount concern during this time. We have taken extra precautions to further sanitize our physical office locations for employees who continue to work in these spaces.

We have also offered our team members the ability to work from home if they feel more comfortable doing so. Please know that our team is more than equipped with the proper technology and resources to be able to operate effectively and efficiently from their remote locations or use available technology to connect electronically.

If you experience any difficulties reaching a member of our Crescent Power team during this time, please contact one of our Senior Managers.

Matt Colosino, or 504-329-2861
Kyle Kem, or 713-397-0981
Joe Palermo, or 504-913-5132

Regarding travel, our team is heeding the recommendation of the federal government that all non-essential air travel be discontinued. When appropriate and possible, we may ask local employees to attend certain appointments or events to proxy for their fellow employees who are separated by distance.

We will continue to follow COVID-19 updates from the CDC and World Health Organization, as well as monitor directives from our local, state, and national governments. We will navigate this critical time right beside you, remaining steadfastly guided by our commitment to consistently maintain your trust and add value to your initiatives in any way we can.

As this situation progresses, we will post any further updates here.