November 11 2019 0Comment

Prolec GE Increases Installed Monitoring Infrastructure for Acceptance Tests

For 4 years, Prolec GE has had the monitoring infrastructure in place to make it easier for customers to visualize the reliability tests of power transformers without having to physically be at the factory. 

This allows customers to witness acceptance tests from anywhere, in real time and with multi-user capability. Customers can view preliminary tests, warranty reviews, diagnostics, and even in-house oil tests, thus confirming compliance with their contractual specifications at no added cost.

At the beginning of this year, Prolec GE increased the capacity and efficiency of monitoring equipment by installing 40 new cameras in its 3 laboratories (medium power, power and extra high voltage) with full HD resolution and better transmission speed.

The team of technicians who support the laboratories are specialists in thermography, testing, transformer calibration and dielectric testing. He has more than 20 years of experience and is certified in standard regulations for the administration of laboratories ISO 17025 (2017).

As part of the capacity building project, a new restricted access platform has been developed , configurable on mobile devices. The application handles the latest in display technology to test evidence with motion control, Full HD resolution, 30x graphic zoom and 10x digital. In addition, it has a support chat that allows support throughout the process with our specialists.

This is how Prolec GE focuses on a customer-centric culture working continuously in the development of infrastructure projects and product innovations, which always guarantees a high level of service to its users.