August 07 2019 0Comment

Prolec Transformers Designed to Withstand the Elements

While meeting the most stringent safety standards, Prolec GE works relentlessly to exceed the new demands by innovating solutions for a more sustainable and safer work environment with a wide array of electrical transformer solutions that fit customers’ needs and particular specifications – including environmental. 

Prolec GE’s full line of transformers are built to deliver advanced performance over their full lifespan even under the most demanding operating conditions. 

In order to function in hazardous conditions, Prolec transformers have features including NEMA 7 (explosion proof) control boxes, explosion proof fans, instruments and control devices with gold-plated contacts, intrinsically safe barriers and high flammability point fluids. 

Prolec also offers special paint options including riched zinc primer epoxy, epoxy catalyzed intermediate coating and high solids polyurethane top coating, allowing their products to operate in corrosive environments like high humidity, ultraviolet radiation, chemical pollution, saline fog and more. 

Additionally, Prolec has broad experience designing reliable transformers that operate according to particular environment and technical requirements for normal as well as heavy duty conditions including floods, earthquakes, strong winds and extreme temperatures. 

Prolec is committed to customer-driven innovation and continually works to find new and better ways to meet customers’ needs and stringent requirements.