February 21 2019 0Comment

VG-100: Biodegradable Dielectric Fluid

As part of our expansion in ecofriendly product portfolio, in Prolec GE we have developed VG-100, a natural ester fluid made from soy seeds’ natural esters that can be safely used in electric transformers. This patented dielectric fluid is 100% biodegradable, completely natural and non-toxic, free from any additives or toxic compounds. VG-100 does not pollute water or land, preventing negative environmental impacts.

Mineral Oil is typically used in transformers to provide an efficient cooling and insulation medium, but the transformer can be subjected to sudden increases in load that can cause overheating, which could cause a situation of fire hazard, eventually leaving homes and businesses vulnerable to power outages. Unlike mineral oil, VG-100 has a high flash point (>300°C), and it has self-extinguishing properties, thus reducing the fire risk, leading to a safer and more reliable transformer operation.

VG-100 is compatible with all materials used in transformers. It has been certified and tested under international standards such as ASTM, IEEE, FM & UL. Its physical and chemical properties allow efficient cooling and insulation functions, making it safe for transformer operation. It’s free from corrosive sulphur and PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) compounds. In addition, VG-100 fluid has higher moisture absorbing capability than mineral oil, increasing the lifetime of the transformer’s cellulosic insulation.

All these characteristics made VG-100 an excellent alternative to new transformers as well as retrofill applications. It is available in all our range of transformers from distribution, renewable generation, as well as power generation and transmission.