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Toshiba’s US Industrial Division (TIC) in Houston, TX is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of medium and low voltage electric motors, adjustable speed drives and motor control. They also provide uninterruptible power supply systems and automation products. TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including industrial and utility customers. Their products represent the latest technology and the highest quality manufacturing practices. The TIC operation in Houston is a design center with engineering and technical staff to support their wide range of products.

Toshiba produces award winning low voltage drives ranging up to 1500HP and 600V. Toshiba’s advanced medium voltage drive designs are number one in their market. They range up to 20,000HP and 13,800V. They have indoor and outdoor designs suitable for most applications and environments.

The motors are some of the most reliable in the market with the highest efficiency, built to last. Low voltage motor products range from up to 800HP and 600V. Medium voltage motors range to 100,000HP and 13,800V. Low and medium voltage motor control panels are manufactured up to 600V and 6600V.

As a world leader in motor control technology, Toshiba has set a new benchmark in innovation, reliability, size and safety. Crescent Power Systems has proudly represented Toshiba International Corp since the company’s inception in 1994.

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Featuring an advanced enclosure design and power section topology, the MTX is the world's first and only drive specifically designed for outdoor mounting in remote applications or applications where a building does not exist. From the jungle to the desert, the MTX can be mounted virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to find suitable indoor floor space.

A Three Cables In, Three Cables Out Feature - the MTXincorporates a standard pad-lockable input disconnect switch andinterlocked doors. The control and auxiliary power are derived internally, eliminating the need for a secondary powersource and improving the safety of system personnel.

An Outdoor Enclosure Designseparates the MTX from the competition. The enclosure is a hybrid of a forced-air-cooled drive cabinet and a convection-cooled 36-pulse isolation transformer, which helps keep the drive cool andclean.

A Sophisticated Electronics Package- the MTX offers the utmost in functionality and features the latest five-level Pulse WidthModulation (PWM) with Neutral-Point Clamping (NPC) technology. Toshiba’s proprietary user interface is intuitive,easy-to-use, and makes devices like the hand-off-auto switch obsolete. The Electronic Operator Interface (EOI) offerslocal/remote control, drive function monitoring, and a programming menu.

Medium Voltage IGBT Technology- the MTX has continually proven to be the most reliable and best performing meansof speed control in our adjustable speed drives. Toshiba has successfully developed, utilized, and mastered thistechnology. The MTX pairs the most advanced transistor technology with the most robust multi-level topology and controls it with one of the fastest industrial processors in the world.

A Versatile Control Interface- offers eight digital inputs, six digital outputs, two analog inputs, and eight analog

outputs as standard. Each of these input/outputs can be programmed to a variety of different functions for ultimateflexibility.

A Plain-English LCD Electronic Operator Interface (EOI)- allows for quick, user-friendly programming. Faults arelogged containing date and time stamps.

Toshiba’s Proprietary Windows®-Based WiTool Software- is designed to offer a full range of programming andmonitoring tools. Operating data can be captured with the snapshot feature and up to 12 drive signals can be trended In addition, theWiTooloffers trace-back data for detailed fault analysis.


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