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GE Grid Solutions
GE Grid Solutions is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for power transmission markets around the globe with a strong presence in over 100 countries. From product design through commissioning and after-sales support, GE Grid Solutions strongly emphasizes the value of their customer relationships. As a world leader in transmission, GE Grid Solutions is constantly striving to improve the reliability, efficiency and stability of their products in the ever-changing market. Their US product offerings include power circuit breakers, power transformers, disconnect switches, circuit switchers, gas insulated substations & switchgear, generator circuit breakers, instrument transformers, air core reactors, line traps, SCADA and FACTS.

GE Grid Solutions’ high voltage circuit breaker facility in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, offers both dead tank and live tank breakers and circuit switchers from 38kV to 800kV to meet the requirements of your application. This facility is a center of excellence for these products with an in-house R&D team and product design professionals. Couple that with their exceptional sales team, technical support, contract managers and experienced customer care technicians that provide support throughout the life of each project. This provides a seamless process flow from quotation through delivery and commissioning. Constantly striving to improve and expand their product lines has allowed GE Grid Solutions to optimize their designs and production techniques so they can deliver state of the art circuit breakers to meet the market demands. We currently have a new 362kV breaker for our Texas based customers.

Offering the broadest line of switch designs to meet the demands of the world market, GE Grid Solutions is the leading supplier of disconnect switches in the world. GE Grid Solutions has recently expanded to a newer, state of the art facility in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. This has enhanced their ability to deliver local support and streamlined solutions for their US-based customers. We still rely on readily available back up from the Canadian and Italian factories. The new facility also has the added benefit of quicker response times, local manufacturing and local sourcing. This gives us more competitive pricing on some of their premier switch designs, including vertical break, center break, double side break and semi-pantograph disconnect switches up to 800kV. We also have high amperage designs for the growing demand for more power.

GE Grid Solutions' instrument transformers are largely produced out of the old Ritz facility in Waynesboro, Georgia. As a result of unprecedented growth, this facility is cleaner, faster and outputs a higher quality product. We provide a superior range of high voltage products, including instrument transformers, station service transformers, line traps, line tuners and air core reactors for varied applications up to 800kV. The technical expertise available from their staff of mechanical, electrical and quotation engineers, along with their state of the art factory and knowledgeable contract administrators, helps to ensure that every project is outfitted for the correct application and that it will be delivered as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. GE Grid Solutions' products are manufactured to high quality standards, translating to long service life and virtually maintenance free equipment.

GE Grid Solutions can also offer EPC, turn-key substation solutions for your next utility tie project. We can offer GE Grid products or the products best suited to your situation. Our PSD group is licensed in all jurisdictions in the US, as well as international locations. They can do a small 34.5kV project or a full-blown FACTS package. 

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