High Voltage Products
We Offer a Variety of Solutions to Our Customers for Their High Voltage Substation Applications.

We offer a full complement of capital equipment for your HV substation project. This includes power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, instrument transformers, reactors, capacitor banks, traps and tuners. We can also supply gas insulated switchgear and FACTS solutions including SVC, STAT-COM, HVDC and synchronous generators. We also support SCADA solutions, protective relays, energy and distribution management systems for generation, transmission and distribution applications. We have products up to 800kV built to both US and international standards.
High Voltage Products
Power Transformers

Power transformers for service in the most extreme conditions and demanding applications anywhere in the world. Up to 1500MVA & 800kV
Substation Packaging
Factory-Built Substations
Complete Engineering & Material Procurement
Up to 800KV
Power Circuit Breakers
GE Grid Solutions' complete product portfolio enables us to respond to any customer need.Up to 800KV
Disconnect Switches

GE Grid Solutions is the world’s N° 1 manufacturer of disconnectors, having delivered and installed over 140,000 units in more than 130 countries around the world. The disconnectors exist in a variety of physical forms based on substation configurations and space saving requirements.Up to 800KV
Instrument Transformers

As an essential link for the safe and efficient operation of transmission networks, instrument transformers provide accurate and reliable current and voltage measurements for secondary equipment such as meters, protection relays, bay computers and other devices.Up to 800KV
Air Core Reactors & Line Traps

Air-Core Reactors (ACR) provide a linear response of impedance versus current which is essential for numerous applications. The dry type design is maintenance free and environmentally friendly.Up to 800KV
Gas Insulated Switchgear

GE Grid Solutions provides networks and industrials with state-of-the-art gas-insulated substations from 72,5kV to 500kV.Up to 500KV
Generator Circuit Breakers

Whether for installations in new power plants or for refurbishment of existing ones, by using our cutting edge technology in the field of spring operating mechanisms, GE Grid Solutions offers you the perfect Generator Circuit Breaker solution for your specific needs. Up to 60,000A

Power electronics-based equipment,including Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), provide proven,dynamic and cost-effective solutions to address these new operating challenges.Up to 1200V
Capacitor Solutions
Capacitor Products for a wide variety of applications including power factor correction, VAR support and harmonic filter.



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